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Cladding System: Stucco vs EIFS

Any individual might have come across with the words Stucco and EIFS. Some may have a minimal understanding of it while others do not have the tiniest hint of the concept. But for the professionals in the construction industry, nothing is really confusing about these two terms. This content might just be a past time for you but it may also be enlightening and advantageous too particularly if you are in the field of building construction.

Stucco vs EIFS
History of Origin
Stucco originated from the countries Greece and Rome a long time ago while EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) came in the United States around 1969.

Nature of Materials
Stucco contains the combo of materials like sand, lime, water, and cement. On the other hand, EIFS consists of an insulation board (polystyrene), base coat, and finish coat.

Weight and Thickness
Typically, stucco is heavier (10.3 lbs) and thicker (7-8 inches thick) while EIFS has a lighter weight system only around 2lbs. As you can imagine, EIFS would not necessitate heavy structural load.

Will These Be Resistant to Cracks?
Both cladding system can be resistant to cracks only that Stucco must be properly jointed or cured. Moreover, EIFS coating is much more resistant to the movement of the structure due to its nature of flexibility.

Repair and Maintenance
Stucco and EIFS medium level of difficulty for patches and repairs but the former may require serious cleaning simply because particles could stubbornly embed on the surface. EIFS has the capacity to look good for longer months, so serious cleaning is not usually demanded.

Which is More Energy Efficient?
One of the most significant differences between Stucco and EIFS is on energy efficiency. EIFS is reported to be highly efficient as compared to Stucco potentially because of its materials.

Which Can Be Appealing to the Eyes?
Both can be great for the beauty of a residential building but EIFS are more flexible. Stucco can only make limited colors and designs considering the process of how it is made and i.e. by mixing water and cement along with other materials.

Overall Rate
Stucco can be considered as a system within the budget, but the pros usually assert that the difference of the price is never notable.

So, which is which?

With regard to the best choice, the best answer is PREFERENCE. If you like variations of designs and colors, plus fantastic energy-saving consumption feature, then EIFS could be your best choice. Yet as some web sources pointed out, if you or your children have this tendency to throw things on your wall for entertainment and other possible reasons, Stucco is advisable. And something more important, you may have also to take into account the suppliers and installers of both Stucco and EIFS. Choose the most reputable company like the Tampa Eifs or Stucco experts or whoever is the best for such endeavor in your area.

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